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About Us

From early origin of transforming fashion into language , we bring you to a whole new fusion of clothing. Fascinated by clothing’s ability to tell stories, the label aim to bring them to life. Seeking to re imagine the past, the label incorporates conceptual narratives and inspiration from image based art from within their work.

Vastra – literally means cloths, is a grown up baby of proud parent PALAK SAVANI, now and how!

What started with two tables in a corner by Palak in 2013 has now transformed into a 2000 sqft store with a wide range of men and women’s ethnic wear now managed by Palak, pioneer at the house of Vastra!

For this designers and entrepreneurs at Vastra, creativity has no borders. Their signature style of weaving the extremely gorgeous Indian National bird-peacock.

In all their designs ushers the grandeur within. It has made them earn hearts of customer ranging in every age group.

When it comes to your dreams, “Every risk is worth it”. The radicle have proved themselves stating that.

The unbridled passion for Vastra comes with a fascinating design aesthetic that leaves their valuable customer with a stunning look, and a beautiful memory to cherish whenever they look back!

The women behind ritzy designs reflecting the ancient traditions of Gujarat, is one of the India’s top-notch Fashion designers having a regional and an extremely personal touch. Having successfully served 1000+customer in all these years, Palak has developed a unique and signature style of her own.

With a background in art, history and textile, Palak has formally studied fashion designing. However, the urge to experiment has not only enriched her horizons but also expanded her sensibility. Palak’s understanding of ancient designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts has made her designs stand out.

Palak is the first women to introduce the “Boutique” culture under her respective categories in Surat. It all started with 4 hand block printers and 2 tables in her husband’s office. 8 years back under the brand name-“vastra”. Palak’s boutique features a multifaceted showcase encompassing the very best of Indian designs, which specially produced range of high fashion garment and accessories using silk, bandhani and cotton.

Her cloths exude a bohemian charm, a direction that really less fashion designers have explored. Palak’s range of western and Indian apparel empowers women across the continent, who can easily identify themselves with Vastra’s designs.