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Shahi Vaarso Editorial

The Lehenga is inspired by the flouring lands of Kutch which was known to be the land of brimming possibilities and the heartland of the Rabaris.

Banaras is older than the hills & caves and still follows the same traditional culture for ages now. This city truly demonstrates India’s rich culture.

The Lehenga is inspired by the culture of Kathiyawad, Gujarat. Which is known to be the land of traditional mud-mirror work and frames show hand painted Kalamkari art.

The lehenga is inspired by the ritual and tradition of Patel community, gujarat .Exploring the world ancient gujarat, we found that many colours were precious to the region, one of which was blushing blue.

This saree is a modern interpretation of traditional craft designed for women of today. In soft pastels hues, the ensemble are decorated with delicate Resham, zari and peal embroidery.

Inspired by Gujarati brahmins, we have painted our bridal lehenga in a landscape storytelling format. Gujarati Hindu Brahmins are the Hindu Brahmins belonging to the priestly class of Gujarat state of India.

The Bandhani work has been exclusively carried out by the Khatri community of Kutchh and Saurashtra. Traditionally, the final products can be classified into ‘khombhi’, ‘Ghar Chola’, ‘Chandrakhani’, ‘Shikari’, ‘Chowkidaar’, ‘Ambadaal’ and other categories.